Rayna Group Uganda is affiliated with many other companies  and projects an these are all under one management administered by our Director and composer Mr. Okumu Lawrence

The company is self-sufficient in the majority of construction disciplines placing great emphasis on training its technicians and craftsmen to produce an exceptionally high standard of workman ship. RAYNA’s main office and extensive operational base, situated in Bweyogerere, Kampala District, sources and directs its projects throughout Uganda and region. Materials are produced locally and from the Preferential Trade Area wherever possible, and imports are facilitated by RAYNA’s associates. For more info

Rayna Financial Services.

Financial Services
Financial Management

In Rayna Group Uganda we have different affiliates , with Finance we deal in loans and other financial businesses all over the world for more info

Rayna Trade  


Rayna Group Uganda we also have the department of Trade that deals in Exporting and Importing of good well as exchange of goods and services please come join the Rayna facilities . For more

Rayna Construction

Rayna Construction
Construction Works

Rayna Group Uganda, our main Entity is of the construction works …. we’ve been able to develop many parts of the region with our constructions for more info about about our construction company profile please visit our offices. For more